JGU Digital Archives can be accessed from anywhere using a web enabled device from URL: http://dspace.jgu.edu.in:8080/jspui/. It does not require any login or password. However, depending on the nature of document and authorization, you may be able to view/download only some of them.

You can request the submitter for a copy of the document by clicking on “request a copy” button given on item record. However, please note that items with third party copyright may not be provided to you. Some documents such as faculty publications can also be downloaded from the link provided in the record.

Previous years question papers can be accessed from the link: http://dspace.jgu.edu.in:8080/jspui/handle/10739/1444. This collection is managed by JGU Examination Office. Any queries relating to availability of previous years question papers should be sent to the JGU Examination Office.

Only authorized persons can submit their documents in a particular "Collection". For submission authorization, you must be a registered user first. After registering yourself with a JGU email ID, please send a request to JGU Digital Archives administrator dspace@jgu.edu.in , mentioning name of the Collection to which you would like to submit. One can also request the Administrator to create a new collection.

All faculty, scholars and staff of JGU are required to submit a digital copy of their publications on JGU Digital Archives, as per the HR Policy. This is required to keep track of all reserach output of the University, helps in better visibility of your publications, and required before you can apply for Publication Rewards. Research Scholars/Students should send a digital copy of their publication to publications@jgu.edu.in with a request to submit it on JGU Digital Archives.
All faculty and staff can request to be authorised to submit to collections: JGU Research Publications & JGU Publications:Popular articles. For submitting your publications on JGU Digital Archives you must register yourself as new user and request the administrator for submission authorisation. Registration and submission guidelines are available here: http://hdl.handle.net/10739/2592

This is because you have not been authorised to submit by the JGU Digital Archives administrator. After registration as a new user, kindly send an e-mail to dspace@jgu.edu.in requesting authorization

Each submission undergoes an approval process, and must be approved by the Collection Administrator, after making requisite corrections. Once your submission has been approved you will receive an auto-mail with link to your item, and your submissions will show up in the collection. In exceptional cases, your submission might be rejected, in such cases you will receive an email with comments from Collection administrator. You can re-submit the document after making requisite corrections.

Full text of Copyrighted material submitted on JGU Digital Archives can only be seen by authorised persons from JGU community, or can be accessed through the source links provided in the document record. Only documents in public domain, or under open access license are available for full text display/download by public at large freely. Most publishers also allow pre-print versions to be uploaded on Institutional Repository. Metadata of all submiited documents however are available for search and display, without any restrictions.

Once you have submitted your publication, any updating, correction or withdrawal can be performed by the concerned collecion administrator. Such requests should be addressed to publications@jgu.edu.in with copy to dspace@jgu.edu.in

Some of the advantages of uploading your publications in JGU Digital Archives are:

  • Increases citation for author’s

  • Persistent URL’s

  • 24-hours access through any web-enabled device

  • Increase the visibility, reputation and prestige

  • All published work in one location

  • Facilities gathering data such as publications for Assessments

  • Show your institute’s output

  • Help to identify trends

  • Gain access to a wide variety of materials.

For accessing E-resources from outside campus do the following steps:

  • Go to the E-resources webpage on Library website here: E-Resources

  • Click on the Remote Access Link given along the E-resource name.

  • For Students:
  • Enter your username: i.e your JGU Email Id first part
    E.g your JGU email is (20jgbs-xyz @jgu.edu.in), your username will be 20jgbs-xyz
    Password: Same as your JGU email id password and click on Login.

  • For Faculty:
  • Refer to the email recieved by you with subject line: Outlook dual authentication effecting Ezproxy to login. circulated by jgouda@jgu.edu.in OR contact at eresources@jgu.edu.in.